MODERN BAR All Drinks Served 24/7

We Serve you best!

Our bar is filled with all drinks from the brewery of Rwanda, and beyond. We not only serve alcoholic drinks like Whiskey, Wine, Martini, Beer, we also serve non-alcoholic drinks for kids & non-alcoholic people: Fresh Juice Cocktail, Soft drinks and more. We have the cheapest rates on all drinks in Kigali than other hotels.

Good music fills our environment to soothe your spirit.

Night Out
For your lonely nights, we are here up all nights for you.

Smoke Area
We have special places for people who enjoy cigars.

DSTV Sports
Enjoy your drinks while watching LIVE Supersports in comfort.

You can’t get bored in our bar with all the drinks, and beer being served all night, music in the air, coupled with LIVE football matches, fans cheering their teams and conversations with friends going on. The barbecue taking care of your appetite from a selection of all grilled meals at cheaper prices than anywhere else in Kigali. Time spent in our bar, is time well-spent.

Best Prices


1,000 Rwf

mutzig - copy

1,200 / 2,000 Rwf


3,500 Rwf /tot

Natural Juice

3,500 Rwf