Our discount program is a token of our gratitude to reward our loyal customers. Every time you book a room through our website, you gain discounted rates on cart or checkout on your next reservation.

We have 3 discount levels:

  • Level 1: You automatically get a 10% discount from your 2nd booking.
  • Level 2: You automatically get a 15% discount from your 5th booking.
  • Level 3: You automatically get a 20% discount from your 10th booking.

Every new guest is automatically assigned to Level 1, and once set conditions are met, they are automatically promoted to higher discount levels.


Note that you will only be able to receive these discounts if you have signed up for an account on our website, and use it to make reservations.
No other requirement is needed to get access to our discounted rates.



We provide more special discounts for other reasons in form of coupons. We usually send special coupons to our guests via email as they keep interacting with our hotel. We also have universal coupons for all guests that can be accessed on the COUPONS PAGE.